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human mandala


There is no better time on this Earth than now to go for what your heart calls to. It might not look like it based on some old criteria, and may not be provable by scientific method, but the energy of this world is in a torrential downpour of just the exact frequencies to take the gravity out of each of your leaps forward and into and out of - into a whole new territory of sovereign Selfhood. There is a flow of energy encouraging no more secrets, and another encouraging absolute surrender. Can you keep no secrets and allow your life to shuffle the cards for you into an unbeatable hand? Can you travel all the way in to your own experience with the surrender of a human that fully trusts that on the other 'side' is exactly the home you've been seeking? Can you even stand to be so great and beautiful? It's faith that creates the worthiness. It's going full steam ahead on the power of the desires and the wisdom of the heart that creates the results. It is divine alchemy and its hanging right above your head like an irresistible fruit and the consequences of eating it are dire. You might find the unity you've been aching for. You might find an extraordinary magic waiting for you. You might get results that change the way you see the world and that move you ever deeper into trust and surrender, deeper into the innocence of your own heart and the natural strength that blooms there. You are so worthy of all of this. Be very courageous and come home to all of you. I'll want to meet you wherever you are and have a party. Xx



                   maui, winter 2012

Love is not my emotion. Love is the ground that I stand on. Love allows you to be a full expression of yourself in my presence. My love encourages you to let go into fearless expression. Human emotions will shift all over the place forever in never ending waves and we will be forever somewhere new with each other. Love will make sure that we show up with eyes that can see the newness. 


long rain

I'm surprised at how long I've been gone.  I'm surprised at how hard it rains. I find myself longing for dry air and lighter land. I move in and out of belonging, only able to make my way by feel, watching for opportunity that I don't know how to recognize and searching for a push that every part of me aches for. There must be a reason to be alive. There must be a reason why I don't know what I'm capable of, a reason I've been so distant, a reason I believed all that I did. There must have been a good reason to hide so long and deep. All these major and minor notes wrapped together in an inverted chord. Oh God, I'm crawling with the energy of loss, afraid that no matter how bright I shine, I will never see the fulfillment of this dream. I invite you in my old friend doubt. I invite you to dig deep and sift through my bravado, to toss the tiny naked baby of my confidence into the cold exposure and prove to me that the freeze won't kill me. I don't have a who for who I am, I don't have a what for what I want, I can't make a reference point out of a paper tiger. I can only love. I have no other worldly skill. I hope that is ok. I'll just be here, bruising my bones against the wall of my life purpose, asking to be let in, demanding to hear in a place without sound. I will never ever give up. I'll only move closer.