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complex aesthetics

 This is the cell sweater from complex geometries. 
I can't get over it, or any of their design work.

I walk the sustainability line and I seem to fall on both sides.
I appreciate beauty and artistry in design so much that my principles get stretched.
All I want is for every fiber to be organic, all dyes to be vegetable, 
all labor to be fair, and all chemicals to be eschewed in favor of plant extracts.

But when I see work like this...
...from salvatore ferragamo, I just want to melt with aesthetic ecstasy.
I appreciate so passionately the potential of beauty in the aesthetics that we create and
I abhor so passionately the lack of earth awareness and sacred ritual in luxury fashion and beauty. To be very honest it really feels much better to appreciate than abhor! 

And that's the place I dwell.


more complex geometries


design for a living world

just got this one in the mail.

The Nature Conservancy invited ten designers to create new objects from sustainable materials sourced from around the world. Wood, plants, wool and other organic materials were transformed into intriguing objects, revealing extraordinary stories about regeneration and the human connection to the Earth’s lands and waters. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the people, places and projects featured in Design for a Living World. Learn more about the Conservancy’s work around the world, read what the designers had to say about their projects and explore the emerging world of sustainable design.

garance dore

garance dore has such an eye for the beautiful regarding the human form and adornment. her contribution to sustainability is in the beauty of her drawings and in her runway photography, which rivals scott's for sure.