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naya shoes

this is a busy packing weekend so my post is just a lil bit. these are naya shoes. it's not very easy to find non-major designer shoes that are sustainably produced but also attractive. i think these are pretty fashiony, do you?



hand woven harris tweed, lined in organic cotton

woven organic cotton, raw wool, and bocote wood buttons

organic cotton, wool, linen, moss agate

all work by margaret marks studio, 2010

time to show some of my work. i get all freaky about that. usually i just wear it and call it a day. so breaking that habit is top of the list! i don't do much construction, i prefer curation, but sometimes i have to try and get at the thing i see in my head. it's really pretty funny to sit in a malestrom of thread and needles and fabric bolts draped everywhere with steam coming out my ears because between my construction skills and what i see in my mind is a long road of 'huh?' it is so much easier to deal with other people's designs, or to work on a landscape design issue. maybe that's why i really just want to ride my bicycle around town all day, eating. because then it's just constant inspiration and the technical production can be a great fantasy. so nice but won't pay the bills! so if sharing is caring, i love you.


no subject

my girl doesn't go for sticks anymore.

we think too much. i know this because i was thinking today how much i'd like things to be different from how they are. or at least, how they were today. i was doing some pretty major mid back arch yoga this morning and i think that let the cat out of the bag. it appears i'm storing major stuff in those little vertebrae. by the way, how cool a word is vertebrae? i want to pack this house and leave but it is my home and when i go, where do i go? faith. stay centered and follow that little silvery thread connecting me to the next action, the next only coming after the first. in this transience, this blog is now my only discipline that does not involve sitting cross legged. and it is about what i love; beauty and writing and small delicate things, and having my mind blown by what comes out of the creativity of others, places where words fail. faith says things will get created from what seems like nothing but isn't. nothing is really the great water wheel of dharma, spinning away. i've almost got it unstuck from the mud in my vertebrae! whatever context i saw myself in has been dissolved and that is painfully fabulous. next post will be totally frivolous, i promise. i'll find some pretty FSC certified wood ceilings or an organic, vegetable dyed caftan made of the fine hairs of the baby cashmere goat to knock your socks off with. because this is the story of how i'm getting where i'm going.



the morton salt girl, halloween costume of my dreams

 i debated with myself as to whether to start over with a new blog but instead i've kept most of the postings from the last year and only changed the 'art direction'. although everything is still business related, the definition of business has changed. so hello again, my vixens. i'm so glad to be back. i've put up a new sidebar pertaining to what exactly it is that i do do. i'm the proud owner of a lifestyle design studio addressing ecological and sustainable issues while providing clients with styling, decorating, and landscaping services. there is no home base yet, everything is in limbo since life exploded this summer. but i've realized that, after extended and concentrated time spent healing, that it is better to work, to move forward and open those dreams up from dormancy. open sesame little sturdy dreams!

and moving on.

sass brown is a professor at FIT and this is the book i've been waiting for someone to write

i don't think i'm related to jessica but i wouldn't be surprised if i was, just judging by subject matter

 on its way to my mailbox now. elyssa is a bright young thing teaching at parsons

what is so delicious right now is the scope and accessibility of sustainable design. ecological and social issues are being addressed more than ever and the collective consciousness that makes that possible is allowing more consumers to drop out of what was and to regroup, to reform possibilities around lifestyle that hold more delicate things.  if we don't need clothing to fill a hole in our spirit then we are free to use it to enhance what is possible for us on a feeling level. we are free to play dress-up.

'all that vastness, all those small symmetries, all the brutality and fragility. nature may be beautiful, but nature is not pretty. Nature is the original punk'.