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these two fragrances are two of the worst offenders

i have been working on education about the chemical indiscretions of the cosmetic industry with my clients for years now and i wanted to share this important study. Thanks to the great environmental working group for continuing to make the total lack of chemical regulation known to the public. in sharing what i have learned about the actions of these chemicals on the body, it is important for me to stress that in an unregulated industry, even the makers of product don't know what these chemicals do, nevermind what happens when combined with eachother to create new chemicals in reaction (sodium benzoate + vitamin c = formaldyhyde)! there are wonderful perfumers who use none of these chemicals in their formulas (no petrochemical products or synthetic perfumes, and are free of coloring agents and phthalates, among other things). we have a woman here in boulder who creates delicious and sophisticated oils and i'd bet there is a growing demand for these natural scents. also, check out spirit beauty lounge.


one excellent way to help in an oil spill

when I had my salon I donated all my hair to a company called excess access. each one of my clients had a direct impact on cleaning up after the 2600 or so oil spills in the US each year. this current spill is a doozy. go here for more information on how to help by getting a haircut. matter of trust has a huge amount of hair donations that have been made into mats and booms and is mobilized and in action on the gulf coast right now. if your salon doesn't donate, ask them why not!


anndra neen, pretty green!

This is Phoebe and Annette Stephens, artists in a line of artists, inspired by their grandmother, Annette Nancarrow, they live part of the year in Mexico City and part in Manhattan, their workshop is in Mexico City, they use metal scraps and low-impact techniques to make this beautiful, beautiful wearable art // amulets //body armor // howl-to-the-moon badass ornament. Anndra Neen.