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mungo and maude

photos courtesy of mungo & maude

i know it's hard to find beautiful dog accoutrements. i'm always poking around looking for the antithesis of what paris hilton might outfit her dogs in. because i also have chihuahuas, i am very careful that they be warm without looking silly and since my taste runs high, it's not easy to find truly beautiful dog wear and accessories. i fell over when i found mungo & maude. of course it's british. it's all neutral colors and natural fabrics and i don't know that i'll ever see a weirder and cuter poop bag holder. those knit toys are beyond. my girls will face the rest of winter in their grey puffer jackets and i'll tote the small one around in that scrunchy sling bag come spring. and i'll look really anti-small-dog- establishment while i do it!

for a bit of doggy style refinement closer to home, check out the collars and reversible waxed canvas jackets from all quarters here. it's all handmade in new york and pretty preppy cute. i totally said doggy style, but at least i spelled it wrong:)




  it really is very cold ouside. let's just watch netflix, read blogs, and eat popcorn. unfortunately i have to go outside to get some popcorn. exciting things are developing, more soon!


bis bacio and gaman, all things eh?

 that was fun.


these kookaburras might not look familiar, why would they? although waris is pretty recognizable. anyhoo, they have something to say about art. some of it's quite rather a bit interesting and the site itself is a good concept about a thing that you can't conceptualize.

american craft

and on the topic of art...this knocked off my socks. the people in the camps carved whatever out of whatever (and they had NOTHING), they had to scavenge materials and make their own tools all while trying to function in what must have been very challenging circumstances for many of them. i didn't realize that isamu noguchi and george nakashima were interned in these camps but of course they were. humans are really quite amazing. Delphine Hirasuna is awesome for collecting this work before it disappears completely. you can see it at the smithsonian american art museum or check out her book here. read the article here or pick up the dec/jan issue of american craft. these people were artists who went back to their day jobs and most of them seem to have never made art again. i've been thinking about dharma and how it finds you, and about art and intellect and how they are each a counterbalance for the other, and about walking barefoot more often and floating in the pacific ocean off of Mexico, and about an artistic life that favors the silence, and about Marfa, Texas and South America, about cutting my hair and growing it out again, about love.


the johnsons and a pretty lady

meet the johnsons, click here to read their story

so they are super cute up in mill valley having only stuff they love in their home and not too much of it, living for experiences and all that goodness. it's extreme but not preachy. i've been working on refining and defining the slow lifestyle concept and applications for the new year. it's in the air apparantly! bea johnson is kind of what i am...a slow lifestyle advocate and consultant who can help you whip your lifestyle into shape and guaranteed that whip will affect your inner organization and settled sense of peace just as the outside gets streamlined. in the article she says that everything in one's environment should be loved and adored and they really took this on. i think it's gorgeous. just look at that pantry. i firmly vow to shut down all the un-useful crap that keeps trying to infiltrate my days and to put slow lifestyle into practice on every level. i may have more clothes in the closet but hey, that's kind of my thing. so check it out.

and i'm posting this just because she's adorable. from refinery 29.

and as for you, in this new year, i wish you to be surrounded only by what you love, and all things which do not support you to be your fullest, truest self can fall away now. and all the magic will happen there.

i'm off on a retreat for a week or so. it's my first one. see you in transformed times!