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resolution 2011...adios social networking!

Welcome to slowbook! There is no need to create a profile or upload any information at all. If you are on slowbook, I already know you and we already have each other’s contact info. In fact, we probably talk on the phone and have dinner parties, or perhaps we sit in chairs together with our bare feet on the ground. We might play bocce in the yard and buy each other birthday presents, or send letters with our personalized stationary. So join slowbook now and get connected!


mr. ford

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all i want for christmas is you, mr. ford...see full article here

i can't really explain what this man's clothing does to me (or the man himself for that matter). well, i sort of can but perhaps not in mixed company. the men he has been dressing couldn't be more beautiful (don't believe me? see here. what's UP with these guys???) and now the women...the pull of the 1970s mixed with something so super modern and sexy. his 'i'm not having any runway productions' philosophy and that great disregard for the fashion machine of instant gratification through the press...there never was a man who understood  me better. i'll be keeping the automatically generated 'thank you for your resume from tom ford hr team' forever. i'm going to spritz some oud wood on it right now and put it in my love letters box, which i totally have. goodness, look at me! all rambly and incoherent. i better put away this blog for a while.

oh and i nearly forgot...
the electric love ring for your electric