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moving day, um, months, many moving months

so, hello. this is the last post on this blog. you can find me here, soon. it's been six months on the road. total renewal. so much so that this blog has to go so that i can start over. i went from winter to spring to summer to winter to spring to winter to spring to spring to summer. seriously. can you guess any of the places i've been? they are basically in order. to put it mildly, i've been nearly everywhere. more places than i have photos of because life was often too immediate for photography. there were bats coming out from under bridges, kevas and pinion pine smoke, wildfires and moose, many feet of snow and deserts in spring, saguaros and redwoods, retreats and lots of campsites, there are now 20,000 new miles on my car and i'm pretty sure there was at least one close encounter of the third kind. mostly i was alone except when i was not, and i spent two months without my dogs, really really really alone. and i did remember what i'd forgotten. and now i've found a home, i just don't have a house yet. infinite gratitude to all those old and new friends who've conveniently left town just when i needed a new place to stay. and welcome to los angeles. 
keeping it weird
want face
good juice and hippies
sort of surprised that i loved it here
awesome hotel in the mojave
so obvious
everyone says to bathe here and i can think of 10,000 reasons to
moonset at dawn
i could have moved in to the cave dwellings
my first tent
yes, i know what that one looks like
rainy easter sunday, deserted park, one of my favorite places 
'i hate this sweater'
ganesh temple
she was thisclose to me
just a little babe
well these are kind of obvious, aren't they?
this was the end of may
they had just crossed the highway
i had never been here and i wil go back
gorgeous, no fog day
my car is tiny but geez trees, you're huge
see me waving?
camping with my dogs means lots of adopted children
indians lived here
never get to the castle but always get to the elephant seals
wasp nest in taos
barefoot hiking in a valley near the valley
topanga, of course
tiny me hard at work, standing in a driveway
caught dozing, my new dress
maximum size difference
i call her baby driver
iPhone, on my way to where i am now