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i want to eat this whole idea

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PARIS — About 200 Chanel employees demonstrated Thursday over salary conditions outside the company’s Neuilly-sur-Seine, France-based headquarters.

At issue was the 1 percent pay raise to be given to staff earning less than 3,000 euros, or $4,301 at average exchange, per month. They are demanding a 2.5 percent salary hike instead.

Chanel executives are surprised by the demand because the proposed 1 percent salary increase allows its employees to preserve their spending power and even raise it in the difficult economy, according to a spokeswoman.

She added only one of the four unions at Chanel called for the employees to demonstrate and also that all of the workers’ benefits have been renewed, and some of them increased.


hello beauty

dries van noten spring rtw 2010

maison martin margiela rtw spring 2010 

stella mccartney rtw spring 2010

These pieces are warmer than my fireplace! It's been so cold we've all been cooped up like little foxes. Off to knit.

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you want to go to here, and to here

MMM boot, just sold out at Barneys (I almost snagged it), just lovely.

I want to go ice skating. I want to share these blogs, regardless of their eco or non-eco content, as being awesome little nuggets of the human psyche in all its glory. Love.

Just go here...

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