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organic by john and miguel

top: organic by john patrick spring09
bottom: stella mccartney resort 2010

I have a beautiful knit dress by organic that I'll have to style up and post and 15% of stella's line is 100% organic. barneys will help you part with your money.

and lastly today on the whole clothing topic, the big awesomeness of miguel androver, creative director of the groovy hessnatur. they ususally have a couple of gems per season.

and on a related note...

rms beauty top photo
zosimos botanicals bottom photo



absolutely qualifies as a skincare product, excellent for vata and pitta. fig season is here!

margaret marks studio

work by margaret marks studio

dr. alkaitis and special guests!

I am so excited for the coming fall season! I am offering wonderful new skin and hair care products that I have found after years of careful researching. I am very passionate about being informed enough to direct my clients and friends to the absolute best in pure and clean organic skin and hair care, fashion and adornment. I am very excited to introduce Dr. Alkaitis Holistic Skin Food to the margaret marks repertoire.

Here is a little from the horse's mouth..courtesy of

"Your skin is the largest organ of your body and caring for it is not just a quest toward superficial beauty, but actually a necessity for preventive health care. As a research scientist working with cancer treatments including plants, Dr. Alkaitis became convinced that there is a correlation between our society's dependence on synthetic chemicals and the rapid increase in people suffering from cancer and other degenerative illnesses. Even the 'pure' and 'natural' cosmetics we use are created from chemicals that don't support your skin's natural, healthy balance. For this reason, through the synergy of science and nature, Dr. Alkaitis has created the Alkaitis Holistic Organic Skin Treatment Product line as a holistic approach to a beauty that is more than skin deep.

All life springs from Earth and within this truth lay the foundation of Dr. Alkaitis Skin Care. We have discovered that only organically grown plants or those harvested from unpolluted wilderness hold the superior therapeutic properties used in our products. For you, this discovery means that all Dr. Alkaitis skin care products are created only from organically grown or wild-crafted plants and sea life. Our herbal extracts are made in-house and only pure water, and certified organic alcohol made only from grapes and/or vegetable glycerin are used as solvents. To preserve the healing power of our products, we blend only small batches at a time."

I am thrilled to announce that I have narrowed my search for a equally pure and effective make up line down to just a few candidates and will have wonderful things for sale in the studio by mid-september.


work from margaret marks studio

the capelet above is made with raw wool, silver, and gemstones with wood buttons at the clasp.



welcome to the baby blog! it is about the growing synergy between health and beauty and the paradigm shifts that are making way for a new definition of luxury. i am so into stuff. having been so into stuff since i was tiny i've really had a chance to spend a lot of time acquiring or thinking about acquiring. little of that time was really devoted to wondering why i wanted what i wanted. until recent years when it's become apparent that there's quite a lot of work to be done to shift human adornment back to a beautiful ritual that has meaning, that is food for the soul.

i am a stylist, an artist and an educator. i have put years of research into the ingredients of skin and hair care products, the manufacturing processes of the apparel industry and the sheer awesomeness of human creativity in design. this blog is here to pull all those elements together and to share the news.

i am currently back in school getting my masters in design and merchandising. i am determined to spread the delicious marriage of sustainability and luxury to any corner of the world that's interested. kind of like alice waters's delicious revolution with a scope that encompasses what we put on, as well as in, our bodies. thanks for reading and i hope that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

oh and margaret marks is my paternal grandmother's maiden name and this company is a tribute to her.